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Thank you for your interest in the beta program!

As a loyal DIRECTV NOW customer, you’re already part of our AT&T Family and we appreciate your help in making this the best possible entertainment experience.

To request participation in the beta experience, we’ll need you to log in on the next page with your existing DIRECTV NOW User ID and Password. Once you've successfully logged in you may be presented with an additional step to accept an AT&T Access ID.

If you are a DIRECTV NOW-only user:
Your AT&T Access ID will be the same username and password as what you use today for DIRECTV NOW.

If you have another AT&T product:
You have the option to either link your username and password to match both your DIRECTV NOW service and your other AT&T service – you can accept or you can opt to create a new username and password to keep specifically for your DIRECTV NOW service.

Keep in mind, your AT&T Access ID is used to access the beta experience.

We can’t promise a spot for everyone, but we’ll let you know whether or not you’ve been selected in the coming weeks.

If you select ‘Forgot Password’ during the log in on the next page, please restart the signup process by clicking the link you received in the email. Please note: if you reset your password, this change does not carry over to your existing DIRECTV NOW app.